Equipment to take with you on a Photo Safari in Africa ?

For your photo safari in Africa, be well-equipped and ready to take beautiful pictures of animals and landscapes to bring back good memories of this trip. No matter which country you choose for this, you will always need some equipment to keep mainly in your luggage.

A high-performance camera for beautiful photos

A photo safari as its name suggests consists in taking pictures of animals and landscapes, encountered during the visits of the safari sites, whether it is by 4X4, on foot, by canoe, ... Be aware that animals are not stars that we take pictures, they are mobile and difficult to frame, in addition there is also the problem of stability and distance that do not allow you to be well placed in your photo shoots as off-track is prohibited. So choose a digital camera with a high number of pixels and a zoom with a good amplitude. If you have the possibility, change cameras according to the situation, to obtain a panorama for example, use a wide angle camera whose goal is to see wider than what our eyes see. Finally, to keep the sharpness of the images taken, remember to bring a small brush to remove dust on your camera.

Binoculars to feel close to animals

Before taking pictures, we first look for and observe the animals. For safety reasons, it is forbidden to approach the animals and a certain distance must be kept from them. A pair of binoculars is therefore very useful to observe these animals from a distance while staying in the 4×4.

Battery or battery and memory card or films

On safari, you can't take all your photos in one shot, so you have to shoot the animals and then sort out the successful ones. This is why we spend a lot of battery power and fill up our memory card quickly and easily. To face this problem, it is essential to bring batteries to keep the camera charged and films or memory cards to be able to take even more pictures than we want. And finally, to keep our equipment clean, bring plastic bags to wrap it and to prevent it from being filled with dust.

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