The importance of the Francophonie in the world

La Francophonie designates all 84 states using the language of Molière as their official language, language of use, administrative language or language of instruction. It was born out of the dream of thinkers and made concrete by 4 heads of…

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Equipment to take with you on a Photo Safari in Africa ?

For your photo safari in Africa, be well-equipped and ready to take beautiful pictures of animals and landscapes to bring back good memories of this trip. No matter which country you choose for this, you will always need some equipment…

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Tips for taking your children on safari

The safari is not only for adults, children can also enjoy the same experience. Certainly, it can stimulate their curiosity and develop their intellectual capacity. If you are determined to try the adventure with your children, a few tips are…

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How to dress for a safari?

You can’t wait to go on a safari trip, but one problem blocks you: how to dress for a safari? You should already leave aside your overdressed clothes, which are useless in nature, and refer to the climate and customs…

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Unusual travel ideas: opting for customization

Travelling is the best way for a person to get to know themselves, the world and connect with new people. Travelling the world is everyone’s dream, because you learn: different cultures, different ways of life and above all a lot…

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