What to visit during a trip to Tanzania?

Home to major national parks, open-air museums and authentic landscapes, Tanzania captivates thousands of travelers. This country is a destination of choice for a safari tour, an adventure stay or a personalized road trip. It particularly appeals to nature lovers. Discover the sites not to be missed during a trip to Tanzania.

Tanzania's must-see national parks

Visiting national parks is a must during a nature trip or safari in Tanzania. The country abounds in nature reserves. The Serengeti National Park is a site absolutely to be discovered during the trip. Extending over an area of about 15 000 km2, this conservatory is considered to be the largest wildlife reserve in the world. It is located in the north of the country. The park is home to thousands of wild animals. It is especially famous for its annual wildebeest migrations. During these phenomena, the herds cross more than 2,000 km to reach the water points and pastures of the site.  The famous Kilimanjaro is also an attraction to visit during a stay in Tanzania. Located in a natural park of the same name, this peak, which rises to 5,895 m, is considered to be the highest mountain in Africa. This vestige is nothing more than a large extinct volcano. It is punctuated by eternal glittering snows. An ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro seduces trekkers enormously. A detour to the Lake Manyara Park is also to be expected during a tourist circuit in Tanzania. Located in the west of the country, this reserve is home to a water point from which it takes its name. It is characterized by a lush forest serving as a refuge for several animals, including elephants, gazelles, buffalo, wildebeest and zebras. Covering an area of approximately 330 km2, this site can be visited in a single day.

Ruins and Cultural Remains

Tanzania is a destination of choice for cultural travel. It is home to historical and archaeological sites that are worth the detour. The Kilwa mosque is a site not to be missed during a tailor-made tour in the country. This religious building is located on the Kilwa archipelago. It is located about a hundred kilometers south of Dar Es Salaam. This monument bears witness to the rich history of Tanzania. In the past, the Sultanate of the mosque was the largest sultanate of the entire Swahili coast. Its ruins, which have stood the test of time, prove the architectural beauty of Tanzanian art. The building includes arches of rough stone which succeed one another as far as the eye can see. St. Joseph's Cathedral is also an attraction to be discovered during a tour in Tanzania. Located in Dar Es Salaam, this architecture is an important part of the religious heritage of the city center. It is a true jewel of Tanzanian architecture. Dominating the city to the point of piercing the sky, this building is distinguished by its sparkling colors, especially its orange roof. Its facades are punctuated with colorful stained glass windows. A pretty stone garden planted with palm trees decorates the exterior of the cathedral.

Seaside resorts and port cities

With the beauty of its coastline, Tanzania undoubtedly captivates the fans of idleness vacations. It is home to one of the most beautiful beaches on the African continent. An escape to Zanzibar is absolutely to be expected during a trip in the country. This archipelago located off the Tanzanian coast is composed of several islands that are worth the detour. The beach of Kwenda is to be visited during the trip. This shoreline is considered the most beautiful coastline of Zanzibar. Provided with white sand, transparent turquoise water and a small port, this landscape is worthy of a postcard. This piece of paradisiacal land is dotted with coconut palms. Shops and bungalows are set up on the spot. Still in Zanzibar, holidaymakers will be able to enchant the village of Kizimkazi. With its traditional charm, it is the meeting place for swimming enthusiasts. Its fine white sandy beaches and pretty bungalows are a decor in their own right. The shore is an ideal point to assist the daily life of fishermen. The marine space of Kizimkazi is a privileged refuge for dolphins. Swimming with them will be an unforgettable memory for visitors.

Get off the beaten track by visiting Gombe Stream Park

Those who wish to escape from mass tourism can head to Gombe Stream Park during a trip to Tanzania. Even considered the smallest national park in the country, the reserve is home to a large population of chimpanzees. Tourists can visit it during a guided walk. On the spot, they will discover an authentic forest that is home to several mammals and primates. The reserve is also a real paradise for ornithologists. More than 200 species of birds are counted in the tropical vegetation of the park. There are notably starlings, barbels, sun caribou, fishermen, palm vultures and crowned eagles.

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