Packing: what to bring on safari?

Published on : 26 November 20212 min reading time
What should I bring on safari? This is the problem for those who are new to the subject. Clothing, shoes, medication, etc … You must prepare your luggage well and respect the required weight to avoid any problem that could spoil your trip. So, travel light and take only the essentials!

Clothing question

It is important to choose your clothes carefully when going on safari. Of course, with the changing climate and the traditional character of the place and its inhabitants, you cannot afford to dress as you like. First of all, avoid brightly colored clothes and prefer those with neutral colors (beige, brown, khaki, …) not too close to the body or neckline, to blend in with the landscape. You should also bring light cotton clothes, preferably with some warm clothes so as not to catch cold in high altitude areas or during late returns in an open 4×4 and on cool evenings. For the feet, bring two pairs of different shoes (one for outings a little chic, and one for walking) and a pair of sandals for the beach, swimming pool, … As for accessories, remember to bring sunglasses, a hat, a belt, a scarf, one or two swimsuits. All to put, preferably in a soft travel bag.

For hygiene and health

Even in the wilderness, hygiene must always be a priority. To avoid having a hard time, bring all your toiletries (toothbrush, razor, towels, …) with all your usual products (toothpaste, soap, shampoo, deodorant, …) because in Africa, these products are out of price or of poor quality. For health issues, don’t forget your sunscreen and mosquito repellent, and for more precautionary measures, also bring your usual medicines (aspirin, eye drops, …), in short, prepare a first aid kit for possible incidents.

Technologies, gadgets and others

There are some very useful materials for safaris that should not be forgotten. First, on the technology side, a camera to keep memories of all your discoveries and a camcorder to film everything. Secondly, some gadgets like power adapters, binoculars, flashlights or headlamps, an alarm clock to wake you up in the morning. And finally, there are other useful and important materials such as a water bottle to prevent you from being thirsty while preserving the environment, plastic bags to protect your effects from humidity.

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