Specialist in tailor-made safaris and trips in Africa

The agencies, specialists in safari and customized trips in Africa guide, advise and organize the trip according to the needs and desires of the client. The services and rates offered by these agencies vary from one specialist to another, hence the need to know how to choose the right professional to consult.

Choice of the destination that suits you

The specialist of safari and customized trips can guide you in your choice of destination according to your desires. If you want to go on a safari while enjoying beautiful scenery, choose Namibia that fits this description. Or do you want to go on a walking safari? The best destination is Zambia. But still, if you are afraid of catching malaria, go to South Africa in Madikwe. Or you want to travel and go on safari without a guide, the Kruger in South Africa or Etosha in Namibia are ideal in this case.

Directs you to the safari package that suits your budget.

Each specialist has his own program and safari formulas. Certainly, he can propose various formulas: alternative safari (in 4X4, on foot, on horseback, in canoe, etc ...), self-drive safari and safari in private reserves. As for the programs, they can be broadly classified in two cases: pure safari or mixed safari. The specialized agency will guide you to the pure safari (limited to visits) if you are passionate about wildlife and photography. But if you are looking for a combination of vacation/ relaxation and safari, the safari mix is the one for you.

Organize your tailor-made trip and safari in Africa

A tailor-made trip means customizable, and corresponds to your rhythm and according to your desires. For that, the specialist proposes to the customer all his offers, to be personalized according to the criteria that the customer has. It happens that the agency organizes the whole trip on behalf of the client (plane ticket, accommodation, rental car, tour, safari, etc ...), in this case, the price of the trip includes all expenses. But, one must be careful about hidden expenses. You have the choice between a luxurious accommodation (luxury lodge, luxury hotel, ...) which is quite expensive and an accommodation closer to nature and without the comforts offered in a luxury lodge (bush camp, typical lodge, ...) to live a true experience of a trip to Africa.

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