Tips for unforgettable South African safaris

South Africa, a country famous for its safari, has a lot to offer in terms of wildlife and has a landscape that is second to none. It is best known for its Kruger Park, home to the Big Five. Before visiting this country, you should first learn what you need to know to make your safari a success.

Tips for a well-equipped safari in South Africa

For your trip to South Africa to be a success, it is necessary to prepare your luggage well so that you don't forget the essentials. Of course, as far as clothing is concerned, you should avoid being remarkable and wear clothes in neutral colors (brown, khaki, etc ...), practical and light, preferably made of cotton, and wear comfortable and flexible shoes. Don't forget to bring a medicine kit just in case and a toiletries kit. And in terms of gadgets and technologies, binoculars, flashlights, batteries, chargers, etc ... are essential as well as cameras and camcorders to keep everything in picture.

Safety instructions

The safari can be very dangerous if we do not follow the safety instructions we are given. For visits to Parks, nature reserves, self drive safari or alone without tidying up, respect the safety instructions posted in the place: visit schedule, accessible and forbidden zones, driving speed to be respected, safety rules (driving with the windows closed, safety distances with the animals, ...). For horseback safaris, follow the path taken by the guide, be attentive to the reactions of his mount and to possible elements that could frighten him... And when you are in your lodge, keep your room closed at night and do not go out, a lion or other wild animals could appear at any time.

A few tips that may be useful to you

Know that South Africa is a beautiful country, and to live there an unforgettable memory, do not neglect any detail even the smallest. For example, don't forget your sunscreen, hat and sunglasses to tame the sun. Or, avoid leaving your belongings outside (dry your personal belongings outside for example), because monkeys can steal them from you. Or, keep your papers tidy and always keep copies of all important paperwork to prevent you from getting into trouble with the authorities.

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