Travel in Zambia, the must-see sites for a safari

For a different kind of safari, travel to Zambia and discover its beauty and richness in both flora and fauna. You can visit the country by passing through three must-see sites including Kafue National Park, South Luangwa National Park and Lower Zambezi National Park.

Zambia and the South Luangwa National Park

The first must-see site in Zambia is the South Luangwa National Park, considered to be the cradle of the walking safari, ideal for getting up close and personal with the wildlife and soaking up the nature. To go on a safari in this country, this Park is a must to observe the animal species that it shelters and admire the magnificent landscape that it possesses. Certainly, the Park is composed of the most dangerous wild animals such as lions, leopards and many others, and more than 400 species of birds.  Moreover, it is not necessary to leave the Park and come back to it at each visit, because it has places where you can stay (lodge, tent camp).

Kafue National Park of Zambia

Kafue National Park is one of the most important wetland areas in Zambia and is home to countless species of animals, if we quote only ornithologists: pukus, zebras, buffaloes, lechwes, ..., and wild predators such as lions, leopards, cheetahs, etc ... multiple varieties of birds but also many hippos. In short, the best place to discover a variety of animals in a short time. There is also a tent camp in this Park where you can stay throughout your stay in this part of Zambia.

Lower Zambezi National Park

Safari in Lower Zambezi National Park can be done in various ways: by 4×4, by boat or kayak, on foot, and also on night safaris. This Park is classified as a World Heritage Site. It is little known but offers visitors beautiful scenery of river plains, mountains, palm groves and sandy beaches along the river. You can observe many elephants, lions and leopards, as well as protected species such as wild dogs. It is the ideal place for a tailor-made safari trip in Zambia, with family or friends.

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